Croatia April 20 - 24 2021



What kind of training plan is best for you? You have several options

1. Individual training plan weekly hours based training plan
2. Weekly hours based training plan
3. Category or gender based training plan
4. Advanced – result oriented training plan


is most advanced and appropriate for any level of athlete as it takes individual characteristics as a base of designing indvidual specific training plan. When designing a individual plan we take in consideration your gender, age, training history, goals and time limits. It gives best results and highest level of cooperation between athlete and coach.
Athlete has avalable time scheduled access to coach on wheekly bases trough email, skype, viber, phone with answers on training, race preparation, equipment preparation and choice.
Individual work includes:
– initial interviu to establish current condition and history of training which gives us guidelines in designing future training plan.
– Analysis of you training history (garmin connect, trainingpeaks etc….) if you have avalable log of it.
– We create Training peaks basic account for you if you don`t have one.
– Design of individual training plan on your goals, your training history and time schedule.
– Choaches weekly tracking of your training, analysies feedback and plan corrections if needed.

is based on avalable time each of us have on weekly bases We all have very diferent schedules
and obligations (work, school, familly etc.).
It is smart to make a good consideration on amount of time we have avalable for training. Situation where we plan to do more training than realistically is possible leads to demotivation, when week after week you end up with 90,80,70% or even less of training plan accomplished.
Weekly hour plan is a good choice if you have a steady time schedule and you are oriented in
good condition preparation fort he season and 4Islands.
We have avalable 6-8h, 9-12h, 13-15h plans all based on powermeter or hart rate zones.

takes in consideration your age and gender as we get older our bodies change. There are also
significant differences in male or female athlets.
We have to work more on specific abilities
important for each gender or-and age period in our carrier we have avalable male masters plan 9-12h or 13-15h, female plan 9-12h all based on powermeter
or hart rate zones.

is based for experienced athletethat have few years of training behind and is used to train 9-13h per week or make about 9-13k km per season.
Plan contains endurance, advanced force, strength and Vo2 structured training sessions, gym strenght workouts in a 10-18h weekly programs.