Croatia April 21 - 25 2020


TOMI MISSER is hosting his very own Orbea Factory Team boat
Only 15 teams will be able to take a place on the boat…

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Meet Tomi Misser

An urban legend of our outdoorsy sport, Tomi was the European DH champion and twice 3rd in DH World Cup , he’s been riding enduro for years, as well as having experience in road cycling, and now he’s into stage racing – the guy’s done it all throughout his biking life on a very high level and then some. He’s now one of the biggest influencers in the MTB world, a real little superstar of the industry and generally a pretty cool and friendly guy.
His record, no less than 14 times champion of Spain, two times European champion, twice world runner-up, twice in third place in the overall World Cup, three partial victories in the World Cup, Ranking Leader UCI in 1996, World Champion M35, Master 35 DH in 2009, Sub-World Champion Master 40 XC 2014, World Champion Master 40 DH 2015.


Tomi and us went into a sort of a partnership

and in 2020 the man will be hosting his very own Orbea Factory Team boat, one that you can book exclusively through contacting Tomi Misser himself. He will also be racing in 2020, but as the host of his boat he will be instructing and briefing his boat crew about the upcoming stages, giving advice about bike setups and helping with the racing strategy every evening while sharing a beer and jokes with his boat crew. I am sure there will be many new stories and legends that will come to light after all is said and done, so if you’re up for hanging out with Tomi and spending a couple fun and beer filled days on the boat with a real MTB legend, this is your exclusive chance!


How to join in ?

Only 15 teams will have a unique opportunity to be hosted by professional Orbea factory team and Tomi Misser.
Rare opportunity to spend time with MTB professionals not just as visitors but as racing friends – brothers in arms.



with Tomi Misser

You know,  coming to MTB races puts you in a unique position that often you can see the top riders and legends of the sport, meet them face to face and talk to them for a bit.
Usually this happens only on the start area, because the fast bastards then zoom off into the distance with ungodly speeds while us mere mortals struggle to get through the stage without a punctured tire. Occasionally you see them again while they’re receiving their prize while you are limping back to your accommodation, thinking of a way to gather enough energy before morning for the next stage and trying to come up with a plan how to set up your bike so your ass won’t be on fire come tomorrow night.
Well, 4Islands is a bit more intimate and friendly. Let’s just say we thought it might be time for the cream of the crop to hang out with other riders a bit more and start teaching some of their skills to those who’re interested in hearing more.

from 1200 Eur

  • Starting fee
  • 6 day cruise on a Premium Superior motorsailer with crew
  • 6 half-board (buffet breakfast and 3 course lunch OR dinner
  • Wine and olive oil tasting onboard
  • Afternoon Coffee and tea with biscuits
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • 1x Captain’s dinner
  • bottled drinking water on board the ship during the whole cruise
  • bike-wash once after each stage (nearby the boats)
  • daily briefings with Tommi Misser

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