Croatia April 19 - 23 2022

The trails

These were all built by trailblazers way, way before us,

starting with the trade roads of the Roman empire all over the Adriatic some 2000 years ago, then by Napoleonic troops who built a road on the island of Lošinj in the 19th century, one on the island of Rab built by the legendary Croatian forestry engineer and mountaineer Ante Premužić almost 90 years ago, and all the small paths criss crossing the mountains and islands of Croatia that were built by local shepherds, highlanders and traders throughout the long history of these parts.
And then last (and least) our hardworking staff and volounteers who spend weeks before the race shoveling dirt around to make it more hospitable to mountainbikers instead of, you know, mules and armored boots.

None of these ancient people even imagined a day when their trails and roads would once in the far future serve as ideal terrain for mountain biking trails of the 4 Islands race.

You will have your chance to ride some of these very trails through vineyards and over rough rocky hills, through pine forests and along coastal roads, through ancient towns and small peaceful villages, from the highest island peaks which provide an amazing view all the way down to the beaches where taking a quick swim is always an option.
Bottom line is that we tried to do here is a true race for mountain bikers, not just a cycle race that goes off-road, but a full-blooded bone-rattling experience that will push even the gnarliest to their limits!
Pretty sure, you tough mountain bikers will love the challenge.
So remember to honor all these people who, for various reasons and throughs lot of sweat and grueling back breaking work, helped to build all these trails throughout the history so that today we can enjoy the amazing scenery of the 4 Islands race.


Welcome to 2022 Edition

Race where islands are stages, goat paths are trails and the sea plays hide and seek!
Original soundtrack by clicking shifters and coreography by the rolling stones.