Us mountain bikers are tough. It's part of both the sport and the image, right?

A bunch of wacky dudes who ride their bikes up and down mountains and gnarly forest trails and jump off cliffs and whose shins are full of scars.
Don’t make a mistake of judging us by our appearance.

We still have emotions, right!?

Deep down, under the suntans and the tough skin and the mud on the face and the helmet, there is a delicate soul.

We appreciate the finer things in life. Meeting our friends early in the morning.

The first coffee and warming up before the climb as you exchange gels and jokes.

Ride through the town together on the way to the mountain. Riding along and meeting a fellow biker who needs a spare tire. Beating your best previous time or jumping a bigger kicker than last week. Giving your buddy a push on a tough uphill or teaching them how to ride downhill without faceplanting over the handlebars. The thrill of seeing the finish line. Yelling to your teammates to give them a kick before the final push.

The beer at the finish line and having a laugh with our mates before going home. Eagerly waiting for the next ride. The memories and friends made.

There are many things that bring us back to mountain biking again and again,

but it’s the people you ride with who are at the top of that list. Having a good riding partner is worth more than any upgrade on your bike.

Someone who helps you push your limits and whom you help enjoy riding in return. Some teams are in it for the sightseeing and fun, some are in it more for the competition and results.

The only important thing is to enjoy it together.
Enjoy together and make new un4gettable memories at Mitas 4 Islands