Croatia April 20 - 24 2021


Welcome to the family

There’s no doubt the 4 Islands race is one big family of adventurers bikers. For big part of them, support of the crew members’ own families, friends and followers is what makes their experience extra while they race around islands.
The supporter program is designed for supporters to be present at all stages, to follow the race and to use all the facilities as the riders.

  • welcome drink with all riders in Baška
  • daily entrance and lunch in the race village
  • all transfers between islands (without the car) during the race and last transfer (getting back to Baška – the starting point of the race)
  • ticket to Museum of Apoxyomenos (island of Lošinj)


  1. Please, fulfill the supporter package registration form.
  2. Book your accommodation
  3. Once you have done you will be registered in our base as a supporter and you will be provided with wrist band as a sign of recognition.
  4. Please wear the wrist band all the time during the race so you can use all the amenities you have.
  5. You will be able to pick your wrist band at race registration in Baška (island of Krk) day before prologue 19.4.2021.
Supporter registration form Book your accommodation

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