Unique race in the world of MTB

Welcome to Mitas 4 Islands – race in which islands are the stages, goat paths are trails and the sea plays hide and seek! Original music soundtrack by the clicking shifters, original coreography by the rolling stones. Race is the place.
The trails are waiting!

Prologue - Short and Salty

09. April 2019. Island Krk

The prologue will be a relatively short stage (13 kilometers with a couple hundred meters of climbing) where all racers will get their first taste of what awaits them. This “short sprint stage” we will used for measuring your times which in turn will determine your starting block positions in the race itself.


Quick Facts

  • 13km
  • 300vm
  • steep uphill
  • tehnical single trail

Stage 1 -I'm a rock-it man

10. April 2019 Island Krk

Nowadays, everyone is shooting rockets into outer space. Who knows, humanity just might come back to the golden age of space exploration and landing on the moon again! Well, we will definitely try with you, our own bikeonauts!
At the start, you will be climbing a narrow single trail to reach 12 long km infamous Krk Moon Surface using only the jet fuel in your legs. No Elon Musk is gonna help you here but our volunteers will be cheering all the way.


Quick Facts

  • 72km
  • 1750vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • moon surface
  • longest trail on the race

Stage 2 - Shades of Rab

11. April 2019 Island Rab

Remember that movie “Die Hard”? This year you’re gonna need to “Ride Harder” and faster than ever.
The fastest of four stages of the race will require more endurance than technical finesse. It will take you through 15 km of shady forests, plateauing with magnificent views from the rocky Premužić trail (a masterpiece of dry stone architecture – over a hundred years old) and culminating in an unforgettable finish among the sands of Paradise beach – the longest sand beach in Croatia.


Quick Facts

  • 65km
  • 1120vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • premužić trail
  • rajska plaža (paradise beach)

Stage 3 - Shepherd's paradise

12. April 2019 Island Cres

The island Cres is known for its sheep farming tradition and you get a chance to be wolves in sheep’s clothing for a day as you ride your bikes through the “the shepherd’s paradise” – a bike restricted area full of narrow lanes, trails and seaside views that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.
Don’t let its beauty pull wool over your eyes this is technically challenging and physically demanding stage.
As you race through unspoiled nature of the island toward the finish line, woods and pastures will give way to dirt and rocks, revealing a completely different side of Cres.


Quick Facts

  • 73km
  • 1650vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • start from ferry
  • shepherd's paradise

Stage 4 - push your limits

13. April. 2019 Island Lošinj

Before you will take a deep breath, enjoying a beautiful sea view while deep in your thoughts…
Before you drink a relaxing beer with your partner…
Before you will take a moment to congratulate yourself on a tremendous effort you delivered…
Before all of that, you need to push more in the last stage – the shortest but most intense, 40 unforgettable kilometres – a stage for winners who always give their best.
Push to the limits and leave no stone unturned at the final stage of Mitas 4 Islands.


Quick Facts

  • 40km
  • 900vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • push your limits uphill
  • napoleon's trail