Croatia April 21 - 25 2020

STAGE 4 Island Lošinj

These people have been earning their living as a health destination for over a century now. They never grow old, they never die, they just hike around, make love and swim with dolphins. For us, a singles heaven it is!

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Welcome to a single trails heaven. At first glance, it is the shortest stage and has much less climbing then the others, but don’t relax, it is the hardest at the technical level.
The stage is – although located in a relatively small territory – constituted on a single trails network that stretches over the south part of an island. You’ll be riding it all over the place!
To keep up with a good tradition, the stage starts with a climb. 250 metres altitude in 8 kilometres!

Then down and up again! If you spared your lags at the first climb, you will be able to gain some significance on the second one which is steeper
Then to the other side of an island over the famous wooden Northshore. If you catch the right rhythm, you won’t have a problem to ride in a single constant e ort.
Half of the climbs are behind you in less than 20 kilometres. It’s not Magic! It’s Lošinj stage! It’s time for a full speed now!
Walking trails built in concrete take you around charming Lagunas to the town of Veli Lošinj, then a ride through the finish line of Lošinj DH race and few shorter ascents for the end. The stage ends up in Sunčana uvala (Sunny Laguna) where everything is ready for your finish party!

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