STAGE 4 Island Lošinj

These people have been earning their living as a health destination for over a century now. They never grow old, they never die, they just hike around, make love and swim with dolphins. For us, a singles heaven it is!

ISLAND LOŠINJ 13.04.2019

And after 4 days of island hopping, the time will come for the last stage of Mitas 4 Islands – the island of Lošinj will host our final race. We have changed the track somewhat this year so the race will both start and finish in the city harbour, surrounded by sailing ships, seagulls, sails fluttering in the wind and the amazed audience having their early morning coffee as our riders blast off and sprint into the harbour for their final results!
The Lošinj stage is a bit of a rough and tumble affair, including a series of short but energetic trails.
The start area has been changed from last year to allow for a faster blastoff and moves toward the Čikat peninsula, full of narrow singletrails and gravel paths which turn into a road that will take our riders over the next 5km to the highest point of the island.

Those who are more at home on downhill sections will enjoy themselves once on the top – a loose gravel path leads back down to the sea level, but keep your concentration and stamina, for very soon they will meed our “push the limits” uphill segment. This is widely considered to be one of the hardest uphills on Mitas 4 Islands, and we’re sure that every one of our racers will surely face a personal challenge in riding all the way to the top – one of the crowning achievement on 4 Islands, regardless of your final time and results, will be the memory of this segment.
After facing this uphill, we have an epic 4 Islands final section waiting for our intrepid bikers – cross the road and off you go downhill, with no resting spots, several lines to choose from, yelling at the rider ahead to let you through (or jumping to the side as you hear a high-speed maniac behind you), dodging the myriad rocks on the way until you reach a seafront path that will bring you to the second feed zone.
The final part between the second feed zone and the finish line is a set of singletrails, uphills and downhills which should provide an exciting stage until the last seconds.
Once back in the Lošinj harbour, it will finally be time to grab your hard-earned lunch and refreshments and then enjoy the sunshine and a bit of music as the finisher party is slowly getting underway.

STAGE 4 Island Lošinj

Route Reveal

Prologue - Short and Salty

09. April 2019. Island Krk


Quick Facts

  • 13km
  • 300vm
  • steep uphill
  • tehnical single trail

Stage 1 -I'm a rock-it man

10. April 2019 Island Krk


Quick Facts

  • 72km
  • 1750vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • moon surface
  • longest trail on the race

Stage 2 - Shades of Rab

11. April 2019 Island Rab

  • 65km
  • 1120vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • premužić trail
  • rajska plaža (paradise beach)

Stage 3 - Shepherd's paradise

12. April 2019 Island Cres

  • 73km
  • 1650vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • start from ferry
  • shepherd's paradise