Croatia April 21 - 25 2020

STAGE 3 Island Cres

Why is it the longest stage? Because there is so much you need to see and we want you to see it all. Then why is it the hardest? Because we know none of you die hard top guns won’t let the sheep beat your ass.

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The Queen Stage – lads and gents – is the longest, technically demanding and the only one finishing not where it started.
It goes all across the island of Cres from one place to another and face you with di culties at the very beginning.
Yes, after the ferry start, in the first ascent you will gain 300 metres altitude in only two kilometres climb. And then technical descend follows! In your face ya’all!
Make an e ort here for a better result in the end.
A gentle cruise over the vineyards and olive groves will last long enough to forget your pains all the way till you face new technical ascent up to the town of Lubenice.

We are really excited to hear what you think of it. Once you reach picturesque streets of Lubenice and start descending trough the pine tree forest back to the sea level, the soft terrain will ease your mind of riding the rocks for last two and half days. Save your energy here for the last parts will strain your legs.
Configuration of terrain gradually changes as you pass the villages of Martinščica and Stivan. What might seem like an innocent macadam road will soon show its teeth just before Ustine. Ten never-ending kilometres of descend follows, but gives no chance of speeding up. When you’re back at the asphalt road it’s time for you to relax. Unless, there is another team speeding up to catch you.



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