STAGE 2 Island Rab

This is the fast stage, not so technically demanding, with many shorter single trails to make your day. All types of terrain there, like a trip around the globe – a ferry, a path built in stone, jungle, desert. You name it, Rab stages it.

ISLAND RAB 11.04.2019

The experience of stage 2 on the island of Rab will begin with a ferry cruise from the island of Krk which provides for a special experience in itself since the entire race is moving from island to island – dozens of buses, official race vehicles and support cars are sitting in the bowels of the ferry, hundreds of riders are packed in the ship’s salon chatting to each other as the smell of espresso coffee permeates the air, upon landfall a huge line forms as teammates are discussing their latest tactics while they wait to pick up their bikes from below the deck and, finally, just outside on the dock the race staff is rushing left and right as the final preparations are underway to start the race… Let us hope that this year we don’t get the same kind of rain that we had in 2018!
The Rab stage starts off relatively easy, but after the first couple of minutes, our racers will face their first serious climb which leads to a beautiful plateau with an amazing view of the bay and across a rough gravel road which will surely wake our riders up!
A series of short but steep uphills and downhills leads our racers to the second ridge, providing a nice view of the city of Rab and then downwards toward the Kalifront peninsula.

Once back down at sea level, a singletrail follows the seacoast through a verdant park forest inhabited by Mouflon sheep and wild pigs. This idyllic ride and potential encounters with wildlife are spiced up with Dundo uphill trail. Hope you will find your “4islands moments” here cause you have a lot from choosing here: to pace yourself and enjoy the silence of rolling bike through singltrail or make a gear or two downshift, one short Com’on and push with your partner to make a difference. Whatever you choose to take your lines smooth cause this is uphill flow trailand every mistake will count.
The trails through the forest finally finish at the seafront, and even though it may look very romantic, it is also one of the hairiest and hardest singletrails on the 4 Islands so pay extra attention lest you and your carbon horse end up in the sea.
For the end we prepared a nother rider’s fantasy the Premužić trail, originally built for hikers and normally not recommended for riding bikes – but someone should try telling that to us! It is a perfect trail for just picking your own lines and enjoying some good old mountain biking.
Trail will finally bring you in sight of the final downhill and towards the Lopar beach and finish line.

Stage 3 - Shepherd's paradise

12. April 2019 Island Cres


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 73 km
  • Climbing: 1650 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • Start from ferry
  • Shepherd's paradise

Stage 4 - push your limits

13. April. 2019 Island Lošinj


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 40km
  • Climbing: 900vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • Push your limits uph
  • Napoleon's trail

Prologue - Short and Salty

09. April 2019. Island Krk

  • 13km
  • 300vm
  • steep uphill
  • tehnical single trail

Stage 1 -I'm a rock-it man

10. April 2019 Island Krk


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 72km
  • Climbing: 1750m
  • 2 feed zones
  • Moon surface
  • Longest trail on the race