Croatia April 20 - 24 2021

STAGE 2 Island Rab

They call it the Island of Happiness, they call it the Emerald Island, they call it the Sandy Island for the largest number of sand beaches in an Adriatic. They can call it what they want ‘cause we like to call it Stage 2. Hermanus might have the whales, but Lopar has the dolphins

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This is the fast stage, not so technically demanding, with many shorter single trails to make your day. All types of terrain there, like a trip around the globe – a ferry, a path built in stone, jungle, desert. You name it, Rab stages it.
The stage starts from a very ferry. First challenge appears after only a kilometre. Hard-core ascent might force many to handle their vehicles on foot instead of paddling it. To encourage you, we may reveal now that this is the hardest ascent at Rab stage.
Some parts of it are the architectural masterpieces though, thanks to Croatian mountaineer Ante Premužić who designed the paths through the Croatian wilderness almost a hundred years ago. His work is really astonishing. Riding the Stage 2 you will have a chance to admire it yourself.

First chance comes almost immediately after Kampor where Premužić path takes you over
Frkanj all the way to the beach of Suha Punta. You enter the woods then, a jungle really, but don’t get lost in there ‘cause the most demanding descend of entire race waits for you at the edge of the forest.
Second chance to ride the architecture comes in a package with probably the best view of the whole race: ascent to Fruge and descend to Paradise Beach in Lopar – the longest sand beach in an Adriatic. Kilometre and half of a fat-bike desert terrain and a single trail at the end to smoothly slide into the finish line.
If you’re open for a piece of advice – obtain the best possible position in the first 10 kilometres, try to find your place at the speedster’s group riding through Kalifront and preserve enough strength for ascent and descent down to Paradise Beach. That way you will have a chance of making a remark in the stages that follows for they will judge the final order.



Stage 1 - Island Krk

11. April 2018. - From Baška to Moon and Back!


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 71km
  • Climbing: 1750m
  • 2 feed zones
  • moon surface
  • longest trail on the race

Stage 3 - Island Cres

13. April 2018. - In Your Face. The Queen Stage


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 73 km
  • Climbing: 1650 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • start from ferry
  • shepherd's paradise

Stage 4 - Island Lošinj

14. April 2018. - Still Single.... After all These Years


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 40km
  • Climbing: 975vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • push your limits uph
  • napoleon's trail