Croatia April 21 - 25 2020

STAGE 1 Island KRK

It’s the largest island in Adriatic. Or is it not? In 2018 they are still not sure. How could they not be sure? Well then, it’s the birth place of the original Croatian alphabet! In 2018 we don’t use it any more. Never mind, Baška is there! Enough to make it superior in MTB sense.

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Stage 1 begins in Baška. After the last houses, steep climb to St. Ivan Church will get you to the end of the asphalt road. Trail continues through the pine tree forest and climbs up a crag. This is the part to hammer your pedals in order to gain advantage. But, don’t miss the moment, look around a bit, the view is extra-terrestrial. The Moon Plateau appears a bit shocking for the stone path up there is barely possible to ride. In only 300 meters, luckily, the macadam road takes you further over the platform
Descent to Punat is the next challenge for most of the racers. Long and demanding, trail follows the grassy path covered with stones. Some of the racers might choose to slalom the stones while others will prefer just sliding over them. Please, take care of yourselves and your bikes! Fun and safety first, then the results.

From the town of Punat up to the skies again!
“Steep macadam road is undoable for most racers, benches along the road appear useless and reality seems to look quite like the Way of the Cross. 18 kilometres of nice and easy then follows before any new climbs.” – Matej Hartman, Slovenia
The beastie ascent over the stone-road will do its best to drain you right after the town of Vrbnik. However, once you pass the vineyards you will start to enjoy the beauty again, no matter how hard the trail is. At this point, even a little walking won’t feel like a complete rubbish. Single trails will soon lower you all the way to Bašćanska Draga.
Reaching an asphalt-road you can finally start saving your strength because those last ten kilometres have no surprises. Soft, mellow trails through the canyon – not exactly representing any of your previous e orts – take you all the way to the finish line.



Stage 2 - Island Rab

12. April 2018. - Around an Island, Around the World


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 65 km
  • Climbing: 1120 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • premužić trail
  • rajska plaža (paradise beach)

Stage 3 - Island Cres

13. April 2018. - In Your Face. The Queen Stage


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 73 km
  • Climbing: 1650 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • start from ferry
  • shepherd's paradise

Stage 4 - Island Lošinj

14. April 2018. - Still Single.... After all These Years


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 40km
  • Climbing: 975vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • push your limits uphill
  • napoleon's trail

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