Stage 1 -I'm a rock-it man

Nowadays, everyone is shooting rockets into outer space. Who knows, humanity just might come back to the golden age of space exploration and landing on the moon again! Well, we will definitely try with you, our own bikeonauts!

ISLAND KRK 10.04.2019

We will form up in our starting blocks in the old fisherman’s town of Baška and it will be time to finally get things going for real!
Previously, stage one was a circular type of track, starting and finishing in Baška. This year we did a serious change – the stage will begin in Baška again but about halfway through it will split off onto completely new parts of the island and finish in one of the most ancient towns in the Adriatic – Krk, the main settlement on the island, full of Roman ruins, medieval fortifications and other bits of Croatian history.
The start of this stage is a gnarly introduction to the wonders of the island Krk. A quick sprint through the town very quickly turns into a climbing race, first over a short stretch of an asphalt road (where overtaking is still possible) and then turns into a narrow gravel singletrack (where all overtaking works on a fair play principle due to lack of space) which leads to the Moon Plateau.
Our riders will reach the Moon Plateau after about 5km of uphill, with little time to recuperate because it will be time to start pumping their pedals up and down over some seriously rocky terrain, so we hope everyone’s coming with a good full sus bike to help you keeping momentum and good pedal efficiency.

The Moon Plateau finishes with a nice gravel downhill section and then our stage switches over toward the other side of the canyon over Baška. Slowly you will with a change of terrain which turns into a combination of rocks, grass and earth over 2 technical uphill sections where the strongest and most skilled will be able to make big gains on their competition. A lot of bike action, fun and racing brings you to the first feed zone, so put some quick refreshments in your bellies and pockets and off you go, continuing up the concrete road section all the way to the highest point of the stage and Island (440m above sea level) and then it is time to start going back down! At first, a tame singletrack will eventually turn in its last kilometers into one of the benchmark sections of 4 Islands stages – it will be time to show how skillful you are in conquering these rocks!
The route will lead you towards the village of Vrbnik and flows into a combination of gravel paths, local roads and a few singletrail segments to keep things interesting all the way to the second Feed Zone at the 47th kilometer after which comes the village of Dobrinj followed by “the wall” uphill sections. But fear not! With Pink Floyd music in your mind, this uphill has a reward at the end in the form of another long downhill singletrail – this time with more earthy surface (and potentially muddy), more slowly so that those less rocky inclined have a chance to show off their skills as well.
This long singletrail leads onward to the last piece of Stage 1 and the final push to gain some time and fight for finish positions towards the seafront finish line with an amazing view of the city of Krk!

STAGE 1 Island Krk

Route Reveal

Stage 2 - Shades of Rab

11. April 2019 Island Rab


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 65 km
  • Climbing: 1120 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • Premužić trail
  • Rajska plaža (paradise beach)

Stage 3 - Shepherd's paradise

12. April 2019 Island Cres


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 73 km
  • Climbing: 1650 m
  • 2 feed zones
  • Start from ferry
  • Shepherd's paradise

Stage 4 - push your limits

13. April. 2019 Island Lošinj


Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 40km
  • Climbing: 900vm
  • 2 feed zones
  • Push your limits uphill
  • Napoleon's trail

Prologue - Short and Salty

09. April 2019. Island Krk


Quick Facts

  • 13km
  • 300vm
  • steep uphill
  • tehnical single trail