Croatia April 21 - 25 2020



Let’s start off with our general sponsor, the Czech tire manufacturer Mitas. These guys have been doing their job for over 80 years now, starting their experience in the business with producing pneumatics for agricultural machinery, which definitely helped them gather tons of experience in producing tires that need to drive through mud, rocks and all kinds of off-road terrain. In the last couple of years they have become a famous brand among mountain bikers as well, for obvious reasons, and they will have their own shop on the 4 Islands race where you can check out their latest offer and pick a tire that will let you ride over the local rocks in the fastest and most controllable way.


All of this, of course, would be really hard to coordinate and get working without cooperation with the Croatian Tourist Office and various local tourist offices. Their contribution is hard to put into just mere promotional text and words, but they’re the ones who help us with a lot of the behind-the-stage preparations and organization, so if you’re interested in coming to Croatia outside of the race itself, look for their agents and feel free to check out all the cool places that they can get you in.


We need a lot of beds and rooms to host so many of you, so we’re happy that Valamar hotels, the largest chain of hotels in Croatia, is our host for a number of years and will be welcoming us for the 5th time on Krk and Rab. They are a biker friendly bunch, known for their sub-brand Valamar loves Bike. Maybe is not bat to mention that of our the best cyclists, world level athlete Manuel Fumić, can attest to this since Valamar is his choice of hotels whenever he goes in Croatia for a summer vacation with his bike.


AVIS Rent-a-car is a new entry in our family and fit into our chaotic organization from day one. We’re using their cars and vans and they have been driving us around to get everything sorted out so they’re a good partner to check out if you need a pair, or actually two sets of wheels while in Croatia.


Another awesome partner from the world of mountain biking is Giant Bicycles. These guys are legends in the mountain biking world, and they have been our partners from the very beginning. The guys from Giant Bikes Croatia will be joining us again this year to take care of your bikes and do any and all needed repairs and adjustments. You can imagine how much work there is when you have over 500 bikes to take care of on a daily basis, and these awesome guys have never failed our racers. Word of advice, if you have some really fancy or exotic equipment on your bikes bring a couple of extra brake pads and whatnot. These dudes work all day and night long and will help you with absolutely everything but they’re not wizards (although we still think there’s some black magic involved, otherwise how the hell do they manage to get all these repairs done is a mystery to us still).


Croatia has many awesome places to go mountain biking, with its varied types of terrain that ranges from green rolling hills to mountains, from the Adriatic coast to the continental parts, from plains to deep forests and everywhere in between. One such place that we’d definitely like to point out is the Krka river national park on the south part of the Croatian coast, providing for some awesome moments like riding along the river canyon all the way to the sea, through the karst landscape and next to beautiful lakes, with old traditional buildings and good food, and is in general a great destination if you want to have an outdoor type of vacation. Check out their shop for more info and talk with their representatives if this sounds like your type of rest and relaxation.


Atlantic grupa is a multinational company based in Croatia, and they’re helping us mostly with their series of beverage and food products such as Multipower isotonic drinks (which we will have provided for riders on feed zones), Montana prepackaged sandwiches and Kala water bottles. Their owner is a huge sports fan, in recent times being the owner of a Croatian basketball team, and we’re hoping that hanging out with us will slowly turn him over to the dark side and get him to start mountain biking as well.


Let us drop a couple of words about Chronometrum, our Croatian cycling yersey clothing partner. This one man crew is insane enough to provide us support with no questions asked, rest assured they’ve got some serious experience in the field of outdoor clothing. 
As the distributor for Biemme, the guys have provided us with Leaders Jerseys, which will be given to overall leaders in all categories daily to wear on the following day. The coloring shows the gradients of 4 Islands colors, and the jerseys are comfortable enough we’re sure you’ll go just a wee bit faster, further and more relaxed. During the race, Bojan and Cronometrum will be in our race village so if you’re looking for a useful piece of clothing to take home as a souvenir, check out the official 4 Islands racing and casual clothes presented there. 


By the end of it all, there’s a lot of sweat and blood and mud in all our cycling clothes, jerseys and shorts, so just so our significant others don’t go completely mad when we come back home with all our dirty stuff, we got a bit of sponsorship from Henkel to help us get all the grime off and turn us back into semi-decent civilized bunch.


Lošinj Hotels & Villas is another chain of hotels that will be our host on the island of Lošinja. The place where we will be staying for the final stage is traditionally a large fancy hotel that by the end of the night we turn into a huge dance and party zone, and they offer really nice services including massage and fitness rooms to get your muscles back into working order after days of hard riding.


And finally, since the name of the race is 4 Islands, we do actually need a large ferry and shipping services. Now, we’re working on buying our own, but this is probably still a couple of years away. In the meantime, the Croatian shipping company Jadrolinija will be providing us with the boats and captains that will serve as our mobile bases and starting areas and allow you to also experience the seawolf life on the Adriatic sea. Take heed, their ship sirens are immensely loud. You will learn about it soon enough.


Next up we have our official wheel service and supplier for the race, our partners from 9th Wave. This crew are experts for everything that spins. Easily recognizable by their orange uniforms and vehicles, this bunch are total maniacs who are extremely passionate about mountain biking. If you have any issues with your wheels or just want to chat a bit about anything and everything related to mountain biking, feel free to follow the path to the orange bunch, bring a beer and be ready to spend hours laughing and talking about everything bike related. Did we mention they manufacture test winning carbon wheels ?  – check it out.


Our neighbors from Slovenia are also coming to check out what we’re doing here, and we’re always happy to see the Fox Slovenia crew come and help you lot with tuning your suspension for our rocky trails. With experience from the last couple of years we can say many of you will wish to fine tune or service your suspension after a day or two and the guys from Fox will gladly help you with that. Ride on to the race village and stop by their shop and see how to make your bike perform better before or after a day of rocking it along our twisty trails.


Mountain biking is a dirty sport. Not in the sense that everyone is doped up, like some other bike sports do, ahem, but there’s mud and grease and whatnot that gets into those precious little parts that need to work like clockwork under very stressful conditions. That’s why our official bike care partner of the race, Squirt Lube, will be with you all the time to provide the service of cleaning and lubing your precious steed. Come and find them if you want a bit of extra performance from your chain and need to keep everything extra smooth and silent for the next stage. Their crew will also be present on every second feed zone on each stage, so feel free to abuse their services if your chain starts making some funny sounds. 

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