Croatia April 19 - 23 2022

Race history


The final word from our host Mario Dobrić

Well boys and girls, the last nails in the coffin of the 2019 edition of Mitas 4 Islands have finally been hammered in and all loose ends tied up,

but we’re already working hard on our 2020 edition.
Those of you who joined us this year know that we made some introductions and changes that have definitely been well accepted by our veteran riders and welcomed by all of our new racers.
The prologue stage has put us in a bit of a strange situation since the name of the race is 4 Islands but it now has a total of 5 days of riding…

Regardless, everyone loved it!

A perfect opportunity to get to intimately get to know all the joys,

perils, dangers and quirks of this race in one short, adrenaline pumped day put everyone in a good mood for the upcoming island hopping adventure.
The next couple of days, on the other hand, turned more serious real quick.

First of all,

the weather gave us a bit of a hard time again,

not as bad as last year, but still there was a permanent looming possibility of true rainstorms. In the end, it was only “normal” rain and wind that our riders faced on the islands, and everything that came along with it – slippery rocks, muddy roots, gnarly downhill sections, open wounds and stitches, broken derailleurs, you know, the usual Croatian mountain biker pass-times.

The competition was,

once again, a notch higher and tougher than ever,

with many returning riders competing again trying to break their old records while others switched categories to try and see how the race looks from a different perspective.


Tougher competition,

unpredictable weather and going one step beyond

Everyone agreed that this year’s race was definitely the toughest yet. This is true in multiple dimensions: from the technicality of the trails themselves to the raised level of teams competing in the elite categories, from the number of injuries and equipment breakages to the raised standards and increased challenges due to the inclusion of Mitas 4 Islands into the UCI family – the race has definitely moved on to the next level.

Windy 2017

Four islands, four seasons and one race.

Text by: Wouter Cleppe

it was already the third edition of this iconic race on the islands in the north of Croatia. From the first editions, I remember a very high level of organization, great trails, incredible views, good atmosphere and some millions of rocks. While last year I participated as a racer with podium ambitions, this year would be something new for me: ride the event as a trainingcamp as I am suffering from overtraining after having too much fun in the cold winter months.

And what a holiday it was!

If I loved it as a race..

…The unique places, the views, the every day changing conditions on the different islands, the hotels, the atmosphere, well, I think this race is the closest way of combining a real exotic holiday feeling with a mountainbike race and it works perfect! I raced, I felt on a holiday, I enjoyed it again to the maximum.

I can only hope

new islands will pop out of the sea to make it a 5 or 6 island race,

or, after seeing plan B for day 2, to make more loops and get a longer race to have even more fun!
The organisers are growing with the race, experience is paying of already and great things became even better!! I am already curious for the 2018 edition!

Stunning 2016

Croatia makes dreams come true

Text by: Marius Holler

These days superlative phrases are used recklessly. However, for the 4 Islands stage race in Croatia words like paradise, epic and awe inspiring truly fit. With rocky trails, shady pine forests and olive groves, the islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Losinj provide the perfect ingredients for a stunning MTB stage race…

...The islands of Croatia

and the 4 Island stage race fulfills everything

a mountain bikers mind dreams of. Perfect trails leading through absolutely stunning scenery, light pine forests alternating with open rocky fields and long sections of the race track taking the riders right next to the ocean. All together this makes deeply satisfied participants…

2015 Unique race in the world of MTB was born

A unique experience?

Text by:Wouter Cleppe

Yep, I haven’t been racing in places as rough and tough as this before.. Extreme mountains against appealing beaches and beautiful historical old centres, a world of contrasts…
A dream start to mtb 2015 season? Yes, for sure! Personally, I have found back my health after 7 miserable weeks, but this can be a great first test for every racer, it can be a final training camp for others and it ‘s for sure a beautiful bike adventure holiday for most!

The organisation

pulled off a stunt by offering an almost flawless

first edition and so I have all confidence that this race will evolve further into a famous and successful stage race in the next years. Sure, things can be made easier, better, but I heard already their ideas for the next edition and if this one was great, the next one will be splendid!! Keep your eyes open for it next spring, I can’t wait.
A big thanks to the smart, charming, flexible people of the organisation for this great adventure and a new life experience that I will be thinking about for a while with a big smile!

Unique Race in the world of MTB


Pavao Roset;
Urban Majcen:
Zdeněk Šnobel

Andrea Kiršić
Andrej Čubra
Boris Basta
Borut Kramer
Đani Simčić
Gregor Dimic
Konstantin Kuzmin
Márton Blázso
Matej Hartman
Mitja Tancik
Peter Výboch
Tea Đurek
Tomas Pribyl

Alan Buhin
Andrea Juhásová
Andrej Krivec
Dan Mazilu
David Stella
David Terpin
Denis Tomašić
Eduard Oprea
Filip Adel
Gerlof Haanraadts
Gorana Težak
Henrik Gruber
Ivan Habuš
Iztok Robič
Jakub Michalec
James Hinsby
Jan Brychta
Jan Gabris
Jörg Neuhart
Kent Girty
Kresimir Bosnar
Laura Turpijn
Lukas Kaufmann
Lukas Roubicek
Majda Horvat
Martin Kovacik
Martin Šesták
Matej Posavec
Matjaž Budin
Michael Blaschek
Michal Kaněra
Michal Košek
Mike Saalfrank
Ondrej Stupka
Peter Wouters
Radek Fuksa
Rajko Zvonar
Reinier Treur
Robert Šturbej
Serđo Peruško
Simon Seehofer
Siniša Savić
Štefan Juhás
Tomaž Mohorič
Tomislav Katalenić
Veronika Cseh
Wouter Cleppe
Zoran Korenjak
Zorana Težak

Adam Dobiáš
Aleksander Kogal
Alen Čižmek
Aleš Horvatek
Aleš Kilnar
Alexander Stadler
Aljoša Martinjaš
Alojz Šturbej
Andrej Pecháč
Andrej Verbič
Anthony Bilić
Anthony White
Benedetti Martin
Bjorn De Roo
Boris Popović
Boštjan Brelih
Boštjan Hribovšek
Boštjan Korent
Branislav Dubos
Bruno Radotić
Christoph Pielenz
Christoph Soukup
Cools Jimmy
Corinne Overney
Cornelia Hug
Damjan Hempt
Damjan Jeram
Damjan Max Zorko
Dave Van de Pol
David Brabec
David Lubajnšek
David Štíbr
Dérand Eric
Devriendt Carine
Domagoj Milaković
Domen Kalan
Dominik Schwaiger
Dominik Trnka
Dylan Chilcott
Esther Süss
Florian Reichle
Franz Hofer
Gabriela Einhaus
Gero Backhaus
Gorazd Kalan
Gregor Gantar
Gregor Miklič
Gregor Sikošek
Henri Lesewitz
Hervé Plantey
Hilbert Suzanne
Igor Chrappa
Igor Mazur
Ilan Edelson
Ivan Gakić
Ivica Mesarić
Ivo Šime Krajnović
Iwona Szmyd
Jakob Hartmann
Jakub Jirků
Jakub Mareš
Jakub Skovajsa
Jan Čermák
Jan Hrubý
Jan Jobánek
Jan Kučera
Jan Procházka
Jan Vinkler
Jan-Willem Wessels
Janez Dejak
Jasmina Šarotar
Jernej Kert
Jiří Kuntoš
Jozef Heglas
Julian Philipp
Kamil Veselý
Karel Grulich
Karel Záboj
Katja Walz
Klemen Kovačič
Krešimir Franić
Lorenza Menapace
Loser Roger
Lovro Sirk
Lucian Neaga
Lucjan Premrn
Luis Neff
Luka Tavčar
Lukas Vlach
Manuel Krainz
Marco Jochmann
Marek Rauchfuss
Marian Cambor
Marin Deković
Mario Micheu
Marko Filipović
Marko Fržop
Marko Plevnjak
Markus Pielenz
Martijn Boss
Martina Vujnović
Matic Oman
Matouš Ulman
Michael Hölzl
Michael Stünzi
Michal Bubílek
Michal Novák
Michelle Zacht
Miha Zagozda
Mike Branescu
Nenad Ljubičić
Nenad Sudarov
Ondřej Semerád
Orna Ratson
Ozrenko Mahmutović
Paula Vrdoljak
Pavel Boudný
Pavel Hájek
Pax Mosterd
Peter Brandstetter
Peter Jasenovec
Peter Lukac
Petr Laňka
Philipp Rampp
Philipp Reindl
Philipp Wetzelberger
Radek Vondra
Radim Makovský
Rebecca Cornelisse
Rebecca Robisch
Richard Chrappa
Richard Novák
Robbie Powell
Robert Šijanec
Robi Plevčak
Ronald Macan
Samo Petrič
Saskia Dhont
Sebastiaan De Bruin
Sebastian Jenschatz
Sebastien Lebrequier
Serge Darcel
Slaven Kordić
Sven Strähle
Thomas Weschta
Thorsten Damm
Tim Feinauer
Tomáš Hromádko
Tomas Kucera
Tomas Novak
Uroš Ložar
Van Kenhove Eddy
Vincent Flück
Vratislav Trlida
Zdeněk Kukal

Abdullah Aljaaidi
Adam Balak
Adam Capucha
Adam Gutwirth
Adam Lavička
Adam Lehocky
Adam Pilčík
Adrian Bratucu
Adrian Horchler
Adriana Boccia
Adriano Držić
Aelvoet Pascal
Aernouts Stef
Ageorges Thierry
Agnieszka Zych
Alberti Matthias
Aleksander Nježić
Aleksandra Sawicka
Aleksandra Zuczková
Aleš Boškin
Aleš Gregor Ristič
Ales Milan
Alex Chiccaro
Alex Dams
Alex Szyszkowitz
Alex Van De Zanden
Alexander Haemers
Alexander Miština
Alexander Pscheidl
Alexander Würz
Aljoša Mikluš
Allaert Sylvie
Allan Staal
Alois Innerhofer
Alvaro Castro
Alvin Jones
Amaury Robert
Amelia Dieperink
Anabella Radics
Anca Uricariu
Andraž Mlaker
Andre Ittmann
André Kinzel
Andre Quester
Andre Rebb
Andrea Dell’oste
Andrea Hauser
Andrea Zanutta
Andreas Basler
Andreas Deutschendorf
Andreas Fischbacher
Andreas Huber
Andreas Seewald
Andreas Stephan
Andrej Zupan
Andrzej Nawrocki
Andy Leivers
Angela Siller
Anita Bistričić
Anja Gleichweit
Anja Plešnik
Anna Kolářová
Annette Griner
Ante Bogdan
Anthonissen Kristof
Antje Tietz
Antoine Bourguignon
Antoine Lesenne
Antoine Van Den Bogaert
Anton Friedrich
Antonín Liebel
Antonio Vidović
Antoon Van Raebroeckx
Antun Katušić
Anže Bizjak
Arjan Nap
Arno Van Tiem
Artur Kuzin
Artur Wall
Attila Szabo
Attila Toth
Augustin Sporis
Averee Refshauge
Axel De Schrijver
Axel Götzke
Axel Sman
Axelle Croce
Aziz Essayah
Badoux Florian
Balázs Vock
Barbora Průdková
Bart Classens
Bart Gunst
Bart Seynaeve
Bartłomiej Wawak
Bas Noppe
Baumgärtel Lutz
Beat Valaulta
Ben Thomas
Bernard Hanique
Bernd Demmerer
Bernhard Philipps
Bert Sürie
Bertrand Louis
Bertus de Waal
Beth Miletich
Binder Erik
Birgit Richner
Björn Miekley
Bjorn Vanden Abeele
Blaž Dragar
Blaž Ziherl
Boaz Biran
Bohdan Basarab
Bojan Dobnik
Bojan Krivec
Bojan Ločnikar
Bojan Stajković
Bojan Ziherl
Bonneau Laurent
Boran Gosek
Borislav Horvatović
Borut Križan
Borut Zupanc
Boštjan Cerkvenik
Boštjan Mlinarič
Bourguignon Antoine
Bram Fronik
Brandon Tuck
Branescu Mike
Branko Bernardić
Branko Kusovac
Bratschi Frank
Bratucu Adrian
Brian Burhn Misimi
Brigitte Jenkner
Brin Štabuc
Bronislav Skovajsa
Bruce Foulis
Bruno Glaser
Busek Busek
Cantineau HUGO
Carl Baker
Carlos Rivera
Carre Nastasia
Carsten Pedersen
Carsten Sander Søgaard
Casteleyn Christophe
Casteleyn Ivan
Casteleyn Valerie
Cemile Trommer
Champavier Laurence
Charles Bradford
Charles Steyn
Charly Taibel
Cheryl Atkins
Chiara Selva
Chris Browell
Chris Seavell
Chris Van Der Merwe
Chrisof Rottmann
Christian Klawacs
Christian Klein
Christian Lohr
Christian Nikolaus
Christian Rahbaek Knudsen
Christian Riegler
Christoph Bergmann
Christoph Michl
Christoph Neuburger
Christoph Rohland
Christoph Schaunig
Christophe Crombez
Christophe Van der Sijpt
Christopher May
Christopher Schwab
Chrsitophe Trine
Claudiu Mihailescu
Claus Pedersen
Clement Noel
Coralie Redelsperger
Cornelia Kumpera
Cornil Olivier
Cottignies Vincent
Csaba Peter Sipiczki
Dale Cragg
Damir Andric
Damir Andrić
Damjan Sekuti
Dan Klimeš
Daniel Gathof
Daniel Hager
Daniel Howard
Daniel Klučár
Daniel Panian
Daniel Roura
Daniel Ruano
Daniel Scheuchenegger
Daniel Schwab
Daniel Strauch
Daniel Williams
Danièle Troesch
danilo offredi
Danny Alfus
Danny Doorleijers
Dario Rocco
Dario Škvorc
Darko Kolarek
Darko Mitrovic
Darko Šironjić
Darren Walsh
Daugan Gilles
David Contant
David Fabry
David Hodr
David Ivartnik
David Klap
David Marko Szabo
David Stepan
David Yona
Davide Durì
Davor Ružić
Davorin Vrečko
De Neef Ulrich
Debby Frenken
Debing Erik
Dedecker Joey
Dejan Kramberger
Dejan Petric
Dejan Vračič
Dejan Žajber
Delphine Jacquet
Demunter Sven
Denis Binter
Denis Bukovac
Denis Dodič
Denis Liaud
Denis Riosa
Denis Tomazin
Dennis Hussner
Deon Greenwood
Derek Redfern
Des Searle
Deschepper Johan
Detinne Denis
Devresse Marc
Devriendt Christophe
Didier Dannion
Diego Marcazzan
Dirk Janssens
Dirk Mampuys
Dirk Mertens
Domagoj Bračić
Dominik Buksa
Dominik Malicki
Dominik Prudek
Dominik Wychera
Don Erle Erlenkämper
Doron Dicastro
Drago Korošec
Dražen Oreščanin
Duncan Hards
Dušan Šamudovský
Duta Ionel
Eddy Teixeira
Eduard Grácik
Eduard Shageev
Edward Gurney
Edwin Schlägel
Eeckhout Martin
Elizabeth Miletich
Emerik Ridolfo
Emiel Kunkeler
Emil Zorenc
Emily Hairfield
Emmanuel Chiarello
Erhard Zelmer
Eric Chevalier
Erik Baeteman
Erik Debing
Erik Ruis
Erik Simpson
Ernesto Jochamowitz
Ernst Gratzer
Ervin Hastor
Esben Madsen
Escuain Grégory
Eske Glad
Esselens Mike
Eugen Haubensak
Eugen Schmunk
Evelin Bröderbauer
Evgeny Pochaev
Fabian Costa
Fabian Giger
Felix Stroscher
Ferre Nicolas
Filip Barać
Filip Šobot
Finn Gudmundsson
Fitzgerald Paul
Florian Hamm
Florian Wimmer
Fons Deenen
Franck Jacquet
Franck Pinault
Frank Nuijens
Franky Taelman
Frantisek Gamcik
Franz Niederl
Fred Van Den Meerschaut
Frederic Ischard
Frederik de Waele
Frederik Van Eeckhout
Friesecke Jens
Gábor Borsányi
Gabor Medgyes
Gabriele Catino
Gabriella Haubensak
Gaëtan Dupas
Gaillard David
Gaillard Patrice
Gali Weinberg
Geert Soetemans
Geert Van Rillaer
Geiler Viktoria
Geoffrey De Ketelaere
Geoffroy Lequatre
George-Bogdan Duca
Gerald Dietrich
Gerald Zoglauer
Gerhard Demmerer
Gerhard Schaunig
Gert jan van Rheenen
Gert-Jan Thans
Gertjan Van Rossum
Gies Carl
Gijs Derksen
Gijs Dohmen
Gil Poyastro
Gilbert Jérôme
Giltaix Philippe
Giorgio Piraccini
Giovanni Giurgiovich
Giuseppe Catino
Glenn Jakobsen
Goblet Kévin
Goethals Jeffry
Gonzalo Rios
Gonzalo Sebastian
Goossens Peter
Goran Pihač
Goran Stijak
Gorazd Novak
Gordon Wadsworth
Görl Herbert
Gratzer Sven
Grega Drobež
Gregor Gumpenberger
Gregor Tašner
Gregory Paulson
Grzegorz Mikula
Guido de Jong
Guillaumin Franck
Günter Reitz
Guyart Julien
Gwenda Rüsing
Hagen Grube
Hans Casteur
Hans Colstee
Hans Comijn
Hans Tranberg
Harold Mertens
Harun Šmrković
Heer Simon
Heidi Rosasen Sandstø
Helbig Daniel
Helle Jacobsen
Henrico Schonewille
Henrieta Markova
Henrik Andersson
Henry Werzner
Herbert Fahrner
Hermann Votter
Hertzeisen Bastien
Hoefakker Martin
Hofmans Mathias
Horst Blach
Horst Schilchegger
Hrvoje Vešligaj
Ida Kristensen
Ide Thierry
Igor Dorotić
Igor Hendrih
Igor Mihajlovic
Igor Šofić
Ilda Carina Silva Pereira
Inga Krauss
Inga Presker
Ingo Hager
Ion Mihai
Ismael Ventura
Ivan Bonnin
Ivan Kraljević
Ivan Lukacic
Ivan Mclean
Ivan Pavlić
Ivan Storinsky
Ivica Olujić
Ivo Kühn
Iztok Deželak
Jaap Hoevenaar
Jacob Coenraad Theron Theunissen
Jacob Moresco
Jacob Wiberg
Jacobus Pauw
Jacques Tattersall
Jakob Kisser
Jakob Smolnikar
Jakob Tschurr
Jakub Srnec
Jakub Studený
Jakub Vilikus
Jan Andrej Cully
Jan Beneš
Jan Broz
Jan Bures
Jan Bureš
Jan Dams
Jan Drabek
Jan Fogtmann
Jan Fojtík
Jan Grebe
Jan Hejna
Jan Hruška
Jan Jurica
Jan Kobes
Jan Kroupa
Jan Palas
Jan Prochazka
Jan Roubínek
Jan Saramák
Jan Šeps
Jan Škarnitzl
Jan Stroz
Jan Van Der Velde
Jan Vilikus
Janez Ravnikar
Janine Muller
Janko Steffani
Janus Mathiasen
Janz Jill
Jaroslav Šimo
Jaroslaw Zajac
Jean Paul Routens
Jean Pierre Krysiak
Jean-Patrick Perate
Jean-Pierre Vastel
Jeannie Dreyer
Jedrzej Quoos
Jen Hanks
Jens Bang
Jeroen Feenstra
Jeroen Hirdes
Jeroen Klock
Jesper Amsinck
Jesper Gyllenborg
Jesper Madsen
Jesper Pedersen
Jesper Veng
Jimmy Cools
Jiri Jurecek
Jiří Lehký
Jiří Němeček
Jiri Spudich
Jiří Suchánek
Jiti Krivanek
Joanna Goeller
Jochen Mang
Jochmann Marco
Johan Deschepper
Johan Vandewater
John Fotheringham
John Lazarus
John Roosen
John Speed
Jonas Moeyaert
Jonathan Sandrieser
Jones Graham
Jordan Haarpaintner
Jordan Salman
Joris Ermens
Josef Lohr
Josef Prucha
Josef Růta
Josef Smejkal
Joško Fabris
Jozsef Attila Borbely
Juan M Garcia
Judith Mallmann
Judy Scheepers
Julia Hauser
Julian Pöchacker
Julien Bernard
Julien Fievez
JULIEN Patrick
Julius Thorwart
Juraj Hyros
Jure Belak
Jure Culiberg
Jure Jeraj
Jure Noč
Jürgen Kreibich
Jurgen Olislagers
Jurgen Van Den Bon
Jurgen Van Der Velden
Juul van Loon
Kamil Mazuch
Karel Platich
Karen Brouwer
Karl Christian Sandstø
Karolina Stehlikova
Kenny Goeman
Kent Lundager
Kevin Hickey
Kevin Reed
Khaled Almheiri
Kießling Simone
Kirsty Searle
Klaus Ipsen
Klemen Mikolič
Klemen Udovič
Kobe Verstraete
Koen Overmars
Kratz Daniela
Kreil Gerhard
Krešimir Račić
Kris Bakelants
Kristian Hynek
Kristian Winther
Kristien Achten
Kristijan Budimir
Krüse Thomas
Krzysztof Krowczynski
Krzysztof Kubicius
Krzysztof Marciniak
Ksenia Chernykh
Kseniya Mizyakina
Ladislav Moulis
Ladislav Petr
Lambregts Thomas
Lars Bogler
Lau Laursen
Leander Hamelink
Lenaerts Koen
Lenka Fridrichová
Lenka Ondrasova
Lenka Vančurová
Leon Kaiser
Leos Dostal
Les Brown
Lingier Niek
Lionel Rivolet
Lisa Le Poole
Lizette Geenwood
Lorenzo Louagie
Lorenzo Marenzi
Lotte Koopmans
Louise Hemmes
Lubomír Kouble
Lubomir Olejar
Lubos Havel
Luc Kerckhofs
Luca Bosco
Luca Di Bert
Luca Mattaloni
Luca Zanella
Lucas Thilly
Luciana Cox
Ludo Kaethoven
Ludovic Druesnes
Ludwik Zon
Luka Samec
Luka Thumm
Lukáš Istenčin
Lukáš Petr
Łukasz Bułka
Maarten Coupé
Maarten Gofflo
Maciej Kubicz
Maciej Michnowski
Maciej Śwituła
Maillot Sully
Maja Zavrl
Marc Dewael
Marc Lesenne
Marc Palandt
Marc Stutzmann
Marcel Janovsky
Marcel Witte
Marcin Ferenc
Marcin Skoczeń
Marcin Śwituła
Marco Greco
Marco Höller
Marcus Deifel
Marcus Fischer
Marek Křepelka
Marek Šatanek
Marek Scerba
Marek Vladár
Mari Du Toit
Maria Lindboe Nielsen
Marian Burian
Marian Šimora
Marie-Louise Jørgensen
Marin Dekovic
Mario Balic
Mario Färberböck
Mario Hein
Mario Stern
Mario Ziegler
Marion Fromberger
Marion Hemmerling
Mark Nagle
Mark Van Saet
Marki Haber
Marko Balantič
Marko Erceg
Marko Grahli
Marko Jager
Marko Jamnikar
Marko Katalenić
Marko Marčelja
Marko Mugerle
Marko Radoslav
Markus Beck
Markus Benesch
Markus Jandrisevits
Markus Kaufmann
Martijn de Vries
Martin Bulíř
Martin Černocký
Martin Cigánik
Martin Cindr
Martin Dreyer
Martin Fettich
Martin Gebhard
Martin Imrich
Martin Jackson
Martin Kieltsch
Martin Kosec
Martin Kostelničák
Martin Krechler
Martin Krivak
Martin Kuipers
Martin Ločnikar
Martin McGarrigle
Martin Pech
Martin Pešta
Martin Prasek
Martin Rainer
Martin Rehak
Martin Řezáč
Martin Schätzl
Martin Špína
Martin Stošek
Martin Strieženec
Martin Traninger
Martin Weinstich
Martin Zeithammer
Martina Culiberg
Marvin Augustyniak
Marwan Aljalham
Matej Oman
Matej Šömen
Mateusz Fiedurek
Mathias Allegaert
Mathys Flip
Matic Ciglič
Matic Jazbec
Matija Mihalković
Matija Rimahazi
Matjaz Mesko
matjaž murgelj
Matt Wall
Matthew Gribbin
Matthew Hadley
Matthias Alberti
Matthias Grick
Matthieu Maze
Matts Asplund
mátyás Vock
Max Daniel Richner
Max Friedrich
Maximilian Fehr
Maykel van der Pennen
Meggie Bichard
Meiring de Villiers
Mergeai Tchan
Meta Dagarin
Meyer Christian
Meysman Michel
Mica Fältmarsch
Micha Kruk
Michael Breedt
Michael Dall
Michael Gerkens
Michael Grossegger
Michael Gudmundsson
Michael Kneissl
Michael Lumb
Michael Schmidt Rasmussen
Michael Siter
Michael Stipsits
Michael Szymoniuk
Michael Veith
Michaela Fosumova
Michal Ciekanski
Michal Czinner
Michal Geisler
Michal Havel
Michal Kobialka
Michal Lapihuska
Michal Prokop
Michal Straka
Michel Meysman
Michel Van Ieperenburg
Michelle Guerin
Miguel van Genechten
Miha Slatinšek
Miha Vasilenko
Mihai Pavel
Mihai Popescu
Mike Garrigan
Mike Schramm
Mikkel Frederiksen
Milan Dedek
Milan Drábik
Milan Jansta
Milan Krmela
Milan Mesić
Milan Roško Vrban
Miles Stuart
Milo Martens
Milo Pilski
Milos Sladecek
Miran Bole
Miran Gabersek
Miro Feranec
Miroslav Knez
Miroslav Zimen
Mislav Radovčić
Mitch Bailey
Mladen Marković
Morel Richard
Morten Christoffersen
Natalija Anderluh
Niall Evans
Nick Waite
Nicolaas Vergunst
Nicolas Bastien
Nicole Murphy
Nicusor Poiana
Nidal Karaman
Niek Lingier
Niels Aagaard
Niels Hopman
Nik Blatnik Belehar
Niklas Schehl
Nikola Mišić
Nils Brinke Ten
Nils Friedrich
Nils Van Tilt
Noémie Chiarello
Noppe Bas
Norbert Eder
Norbert Stefko
Norbert Steiner
Olaf Nützsche
Olga Lopukhina
Oliver Avilés
Oliver Galinec
Oliver Stückler
Olivier Crespi
Olivier Guth
Olivier Kreis
Olufi Heil
Ondrej Fojtík
Ondrej Ryska
Ondřej Šandera
Ondrejka Philipp
Ooms Philip
Oswald Ehrmann
Otakar Peškař
Ovidiu Danciut
Ovidiu Tiru
Paola Goldoni
Paolo Driusso
Pär-Erik Karlsson
Parassouramin-Latchimy Jean Dany
Paridaans Rudy
Pascal Olislagers
Passemard Marie
Patrik Drak
Paul Sebastian Muntean
Paul Vanlangenaeker
Pavel Blagikh
Pavel Čábelický
Pavel Netrefa
Pavol Novotný
Paweł Archiciński
Pedro Van De Louw
Per Damgaard
Pernilla Svensson
Peter Alliet
Peter Daxberger
Peter Fürpaß
Peter Hodgkinson
Peter Kozin
Peter Lizan
Peter Marko
Peter Pirngruber
Peter Pokojný
Peter Ruette
Peter Sabro
Peter Šilec
Peter Verstraete
Peter Zaicek
Petr Fodor
Petr Jamrich
Petr Jiricka
Petr Kirjunčev
Petr Krejčiřík
Petr Kyndl
Petr Liskovec
Petr Macháček
Petr Majkut
Petr Nosek
Petr Peškař
Petr Smekal
Petr Štuka
Petr Tanko
Petr Valousek
Petr Velíšek
Petra Martin
Pfeifhofer Simon
Philip Van As
Philippe Victor
Pierre Bischoff
Pierre Delcour
Pierre Lamoine
Pierre Maertens
Pierre-Olivier Pigeon
Pieter Van der eijk
Piotr Buzko
Piotr Sypula
Plescia Thierry
Pliem Manuel
Portenier Loïc
Poul Kristensen
Primož Lindič
Primož Ravnihar
Przemyslaw Maciejowski
Pylyser Steve
Rachael Lowe
Rachid Koorn
Radek Cermak
Radek Mrázek
Radek Pavlicek
Radek Šolc
Radek Susir
Radim Kořínek
Radoslav Ilenčík
Rafal Muranski
Ralf Gericke
Rasmus Hansen
Rastislav Švec
Rätze Tobias
Rebhan Daniela
Reiner Fritz
Reinhard Mayer
Renan Bender Roy
Renard Vincent
Renato Sabolović
René Bomberg
René Gabriel
Rene Vallee
Reza Sylvia Ravenstijn
Richard Clarke
Richard Kinzelmann
Richard Novak
Richard Tietz
Richner Birgit
Richner Max
Rick Van Der Sande
Ricki Andersen
Rik Opsomer
Rob Vanden Haesevelde
Robert Blanchard
Robert Blaznik
Robert Carter
Robert Cizek
Robert Gelo
Robert Michal
Robert Pobezin
Robert Tanzer
Rohner Andy
Rok Balažič
Rok Erjavec
Rok Golob
Roki Read
Roland Rechberger
Roland Van Helvoirt
Roman Kristan
Roman Šimek
Roman Žnidaršič
Ron Kabalt
Ronald Luckenberger
Ronan Balfe
Rowan Goeller
Roy Dieker
Roy Peters
Rüdiger Werzner
Rudy Touzet
Ruffieux Amandine
Sabrina Neuert
Sam Malfliet
Samuel Lesoing
Sander Nijhof
Sander Vonk
Sandra Hölzl
Sandra Lettner
Sandro Nistelberger
Sandy Vossen Rasmussen
Sara Van Peer
Sarah Reiners
Saša Počuča
Sascha Hauf
Schmidt Elisabeth
Schöggl David
Schwab Christopher
Schwab Daniel
Scott Danoher
Scott Rusinko
Seamus Mcavoy
Sean Hanekom
Sean Williams
Sebastian Bopp
Sebastian Kellermayr
Sebastian Pitzschke
Sebastian Stuelpner
Sebastien Pele
Sebrich Alois
Seguin Nicolas
Seifried Dennis
Selbach Carsten
Serbu Victor
Shannon Boffeli
Shaun Mackenzie
Shaun Smith
Shaun Van Biljon
Shay Shabtay
Shaz Mclean
shlomi deutsch
Siegfried Denolf
Silvia Hackner
Simon Hutchins
Simon Kalan
Simon Krajnc
Simon Rabone
Simone Kiessling
Simu Sorin
Sjack Schellekens
Slaven Getoš
Sman Axel
Smit Wim
Sonntag Engelbert
Søren Lemonius
Srđan Boban
Srđan Moravčević
Srdjan Moravcevic
Stanislav Koros
Stanislav Szucs
Steen Christensen
Stefaan Neerinckx
Stefan Appelt
Štefan Belvončík
Stefan Uricariu
Stefan Wagner
Stefan Zorniger
stefano canton
Stein Manuel
Steph de Waal
Sterba Roman
Steven Hickey
Stijn Heymans
Stijn Verstraeten
Storch Daniela
Stubbe Peter
Suzanne Hilbert
Sylvain Cerise
Symens Bavo
Szilard Buruczki
Szymon Wasiak
Szymoniuk Michael
Tadej Dolar
Tadej Maligoj
Tadej Podgornik
Taelman Franky
Tanja Wagner
Tanja Žakelj
Tatsiana Soupel
Tazreiter Angelika
Tereza Valentova
Teus Ruijter
Thaise Braz Azevedo de Souza
Thierry Ageorges
Thijs Lepelaars
Thomas Bosler
Thomas De L’Hamaide
Thomas Raspotnik
Thomas Rückel
Thomas Spreitzer
Thomas Turner
Thomas Wöhrer
Thorsten Erlenkämper
Thorsten Keller
Tihomir Kovač
Tim Criel
Tim Goff
Tim Marteleur
Tits De Maeyer
Tobias Peterstorfer
Tobias Ullmann
Tom Eelen
Tom Little
Tom Verheyden
Tomáš Antol
Tomas Gasparik
Tomas Hajek
Tomas Hulovec
Tomáš Kamrla
Tomas Knapcok
Tomáš Kordík
Tomas Linda
Tomas Novotny
Tomáš Sajdl
Tomas Visnovsky
Tomáš Zlámal
Tomaž Čefuta
Tomaž Česnik
Tomaz Rešeta
Tomi Misser
Tomislav Hlevnjak
Tomo Hafner
Tony Carter
Tony Lowe
Trent Basarsky
Tzvika Gefen
Urban Ferenčak
Urban Kokotec
Uroš Bekovič
Uroš Breški
Urzica Vlad
Uwe Rübling
Vaclav Linda
Vaclav Vacha
Vallee Rene
van de Weerdt Jerome
van Den Abeele Paul
van Den Bon Jurgen
van Den Boom Robert
Van Gyzeghem Pierre
van Looveren Stef
Van Tiem Arno
Vasja Grabner
Vedran Berković
Velimir Kokot
Vendula Kuntová
Veronika Chladova
Veronika Weiß
Veyssier Aurelien
Victor Korchagin
Villoz Mélinda
Vincent Cottignies
Vinzent Dorn
Virot Aurelien
Vít Řehák
Vita Movrin
Vital Pretnar
Vizdák János
Vjeran Kostović
Vladimír Hábr
Vladislava Pokobova
Waleed Baker
Wall Artur
Wanda Tattersall
Ward Mommaers
Warnotte Jordan
Wauters Birgit
Werner Hattingh
Wesley Hannes
Wesley Luca
Weston Hill
Wiebe De Boer
Willem Dendooven
Willem Dubbelman
Wim Deroover
Wim Mons
Witold Demut
Wojciech Bartyzel
Wojciech Głąb
Wolfgang Martin
Wolfgang Mayer
Wolfgang Niederwanger
Wolfgang Pfeiffer
Wolfgang Schabereiter
Wolfgang Unger
Wouter Declercq
Wychera Dominik
Xavier Scheepers
Yann Delahaye
Yoram Inbar
yosef ben shalom
Yuliya Tsalahuz
Yury Isaev
Yves Van Reckem
Zachy Dagan
Zava Allison
Zbigniew Mossoczy
Zdenek Brabec
Zdenek Chmel
Zdenek Loffelmann
Zdeňka Kouřimská
Zdenko Pecen
Zeljko Marjanovic
Žiga Sedej
Zoltán Koleszár
Zoltan Zoka-Ujhelyi
Zoran Bingula
Zoran Perić
Zoran Zorko
Zsolt Búr
Zsolt Farkas
Zuzana Wernerova
Zvonimir Brleković
Zvonimir Pokupec

Welcome to 2022 Edition

Race where islands are stages, goat paths are trails and the sea plays hide and seek!
Original soundtrack by clicking shifters and coreography by the rolling stones.