When we said 4 Islands to be a unique race in the world of MTB it was not something we came up with, but what you told us. So, driven by the flux of your feedback, we prepared to raise the bar even higher this season. Staged at four separate islands, the race faces you with a different challenges each day. Some islands are greener then the others; some partly rugged and barren like they have this issue to discuss with your tyres. Speedsters will surely get their daily piece of cake, but might skip the dessert at the technical freak outs; while the most of you will get emotionally trapped inside the single track web by your own delight. In short, this race might not be for anyone, but there is something in it for everyone.

Race Package:

Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race is team race, consists of 2 riders


• the right to start the race
• electronic timing and results
• live results on organiser web page
• snacks and beverages on feed zones (minimum 2 per stage + finish)
• professional marked route with tables and bushmarks
• written instructions for navigation with map and attitude profile
• GPS file for download for all stages
• starting number for bike
• starting number for jersey
• identification material for racers and bikes
• finisher T-shirt for finishers

• professional medical service on all stages and in finish line
• professional rescue service on all stages
• meal after each stage
• service areas on all stages
• bike wash areas on all stages
• hand luggage
• welcome drink on Monday 08.04.2019.
• stage briefing prior each stage
• document info for participants
• winner ceremony on 13.04.2019.
• finisher party on 13.04.2019.



Early Bird:          350 €         01.06.2018-30.9.2018 (or first 100 participants)

Regular price:   400 €        01.10.2018-31.12.2018

Last minute:      450 €        01.01.2019 – 10.03.2019

NOTE: price is per participant (1 rider)


• insurance
• accommodation
• transfers between the stages
• ferry
• busses
• parking


Curious to find out which options do we offer? Please find the details of 2 available options depending of your preferences for organising logistic and accommodations. You can choose to organize everything by yourself or you will let our partners to do this job for you so you can focus your mind only on racing.

Logistic and Accommodation

Together with our partners, we prepared 2 different accommodation options – in comfortable hotels or on the boat which will bring your race experience to the next level! No matter which one you choose, it will provide you with all logistic support and ensure that you focus completely on the race.


  • 6 nights, 6 half - boards
  • transfers for participants between stages
  • bike transfers between stages
  • luggage transfers
  • bike depot during the whole race

You like to organise everything on your own?

Like to spend time searching the internet and have fun trying to find the most appropriate accommodation, to count the distance from an island to an island, to count how much time you need to get there? If so, this is the option for you as with Race only package you will buy starting fee and the right to start the race.
If you choose RACE ONLY without accommodation packages, we suggest to organize a support who will take care of your logistics and transfers of you, your bikes and your luggage from stage to stage (from island to island). This option is possible due to good ferry connection between islands so it is on you and your supporter to organize the whole logistic, buy ferry tickets etc.

Race Rules

It is important that every Mitas 4 Islands rider fully understands the rules. We encourage all riders to carefully read and understand all rules, before rolling up to the start line.