Croatia April 20 - 24 2021


Safety first and good health above all!

We’re sorry that we haven’t come forward with an official statement yet, but like everyone else we were waiting to see how this situation plays out. Despite our best wishes, it seems that the Covid-19 epidemic has become much more serious than anyone expected. Many countries around the world are introducing various limitations on travel and city or country-wide quarantines, people are generally advised to stay safe at home while minimizing social interactions and health and medical organizations are beginning to strain under the influx of patients who suffer from the Corona virus.

So, it is with a heavy heart that we must confirm that, unfortunately, the 2020 Mitas 4 Islands race will definitely not be taking place this April.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that at this moment hotels have closed down under the advise of Croatian Ministry of Health, any public gatherings are getting limited and prohibited, and a myriad of other complications due to this outbreak, we simply were not able to guarantee accommodation and services to our riders, while it is now obvious that travel will also be a huge issue in the coming month.

Now, we know you lot, and probably just like us most would be willing to damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead on our mountainbike trails spread between the islands of Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj again this year, avoiding any possible disease by going too fast to catch it, being too tough to get sick, and removing any last traces of it through healthy food and a glass of red wine or a beer at the end of the day. But currently, the most important race is the one to stop the spreading this virus.

That being said, we would like you to know that this is not the end of 4 Islands. We will come back stronger and better than ever and we’re working out possible solutions and options about our next step.

So, we’re sorry that we’ll be leaving you with a bit of a cliffhanger, but that’s just how the situation currently is. We will be monitoring the situation and keeping you up to date with news and developments.

Our office staff is working hard (from home) on a million phone calls, e-mails, calls and messages trying to unravel this mess, but the most important thing currently is staying healthy and taking care of your loved ones. Follow the advice of your local health organization, wash your hands, don’t cough into other people’s mouths, be wary of spreading the disease to older members of society and all that. 

And then, once it’s all over, we’ll be able to ride out into a cleaner outdoors and ride our bikes into the sunset while enjoying the clean sea air.

Stay safe and keep on ridin’  


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