Croatia April 20 - 24 2021

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Mitja is the head coach and founder of TancaCoaching, and an active MTB racer since 1991, competing in cross-country, marathon and eliminator races at all levels. He competed in world cup races as a competitor and a coach. He is the founder of MTB racing team with 80 active MTB competitors, focusing on working with young athletes. More than 40 children actively participate in the MTB school of
Mitja has had an interesting athletic life, since he spent his time on sports grounds from early youth due to the fact his father was a physical education teacher. So he has been into sport and training since the crib. He struggled as a young athlete to find his sport and took up various sports, from athletics, skiing, rugby, and cycling. In the end he discovered mountain biking was his life. Mitja even played rugby as member of the national team at junior world championships.
Years went by and he became a great MTB rider and a coach working with over 100 cyclists one-on-one. He competed in many international UCI categorised races all over Europe and in world cups and world championships as a national team member.
Mitja was a head coach in his UCI team that won a world championships silver medal in eliminator race with Miha Halzer in 2012. Mitja also made almost 10 podium finishes in world cups eliminator and won a dramatic race in Nové Město na Moravě.
Later in his carrier he fell in love with stage races and in the last few years, stage races have been his main area of interest both as an active athlete and a coach. He can provide a first-hand coaching advice as four-time 4Islands finisher.
Mitja has been a part of 4Islands from the very start, first as a coach of the third-placed team and in later editions as a rider in a team with Gregor. They did really well, winning the fourth place in 2016, 13th in 2017 and 16th in 2017. They are already warming up for 2019 edition.
Being an active athlete gives him advantage over others in providing practical first-hand advice to his athletes and not just theory. Mountain biking is a demanding sport and stage races even more. So personal experience is crucial to make good training plans and give proper advice.



GREGOR is Mitja’s assistant coach at TancaCoaching and his right hand in team.
Gregor started training as a young athlete aged 13 years. Mitja was his coach from the beginning and carefully taught him all the secrets of training and racing. Gregor became national champion in XC several times, he was a member of the national team and competed at world cup and world championship XC races. At a young age, when he was 19, he took up coaching in Mitja’s and has worked hard with young athletes since then.
Mitja and Gregor have been racing partners at all stage races for the last 5 years, combining their experience, positive energy and training knowledge to form a perfect coaching team you want training advice from.