Croatia April 19 - 23 2022

Greetings, riders and riderettes!

We’re both proud and happy to announce that all the preparations and prerequisites have been fulfilled so that 4 Islands 2022 is a go!
All of you who wish to challenge yourselves again (or for the first time) on our island trails – get excited!

Registration for 4 Islands 2022 will be opened in September.

Unique Race in the world of MTB

For us, the perfect MTB stage race would be one where you can do it all;

have fun on the trails, with stages long enough that you can conquer them with effort but without pressure,

Where we travel to and experience different locations,

Staged at four separate islands, the race faces you with a different challenges each day.
Some islands are greener then the others; some partly rugged. Some of the villages and towns you’ll pass by have seen the pirates and Roman galleons, traded goods with Venetians and brought up the many captains of Austro-Hungarian navy.

Race where we could compare ourselves to the top professional riders

but still race against our more casual rider mates alongside hardcore mountain bikers who are all looking for the perfect five day active vacation where we can ride various trails from day to day, parties and entertainment and side shows to keep us busy when we finally make it through the finish line and hang out with everyone else who joined and meet new people…

So we made one such race that has it all.

Come and play with us at 4 Islands.
Race is the place.




71 km

1.750 vm




65 km

1.120 vm




73 km

1650 vm




40 km

900 vm

Welcome to 2022 Edition

Race where islands are stages, goat paths are trails and the sea plays hide and seek!
Original soundtrack by clicking shifters and coreography by the rolling stones.